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My name is Sayida Peprah and I serve as a Doula who assists women in experiencing the natural, joyous and powerful birth that is possible through conscious surrendering.  Conscious surrendering is the modality through which I operate in my Doula practice, as well as my personal life.  It simply means that I trust that there is a natural and positive flow, inherent in all things, being created by an intelligent and loving Creator, and that if we consciously surrender to that flow, we will experience a natural, joyous and powerful life, in all areas, including birth. 



Sayida Peprah, PsyD, CD(DONA)

DONA Certified Birth Doula

(626) 531-1031




Mission Statement

“As a Doula, I offer physical, emotional and spiritual support to mothers and their partners throughout their pregnancy and birthing process, assisting them in experiencing a natural, joyous and powerful birth, which is possible through consciously surrendering to the instinctual and intuitive flow.” 

~ Sayida Peprah