Doula Sayida's Message to Teen Mothers 

You are not alone.  Over 16 million young women ages 16-19 become mothers for the first time  (World Health Organization, 2011).  This is  11% of all births in the world.  The difference between  the modern day teen moms and the traditional teenage mothers of the world, is preparation and support. 

Young women, from traditional societies are married, live within in a supportive family and community structure for raising children, have been taught to cook, clean, discipline children and  overall maintain a home.

You may not have any or all of these things, but guess what? 


Seek Support, find a community agency or friends and family who will help you get prepared... get a Doula!

One good thing about being young and pregnant (16+ years- under 16 may be physically mature for birth, but some are too little and need more help) is that you have nature on your side.  Your body is ripe for pregnancy and birth.  And if you get the support you need to have a stress-free pregnancy and the nutrition and health care you need to be physically strong for birthing, you are more likely to have an easier labor and delivery than older first-time moms. 

So... trust your destiny, this baby has been given to you and you are the chosen one to bring his/her life into this world.  Trust your body, since it knows instinctively what to do, even if you do not.  AND get support from a woman who is trained in helping all women, young and old birth  more easily and naturally... a Doula.

~Doula Sayida Peprah

If you are looking for a Doula to support your teenage pregnancy and birth contact Sayida Peprah, CD(DONA)

How a Doula Can Support Your

Teenage Pregnancy and Birth

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