The Power of the Mind in

Pregnancy & Birth 

5 Key Techniques in Using the Power of the Mind in Experiencing the Ideal Pregnancy and Birth

1. Know the power of the mind, educate yourself and/or your clients, because the law is working whether you believe it or not.  You could be utilizing the power of the mind to produce the ideal pregnancy and birth, rather than something else. 

2. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Notice your fears, anxieties, thoughts… while you’re going to your midwife or doctor, any judgments about your changing body, expectations of suffering, nausea, pain…

3. Stay in your right mind!  Focus only on the positive. There are many methods to do this (visualization, hypnotherapy, vision boards, affirmations, prayer, mediation…) whatever works for you is fine.  What works for me, after trying a number of complex, intellectual and sophisticated methods, is maintaining a state of Gratitude.  Find ever reason, every moment, everyday to be thankful.  If you’re feeling great, then be thankful for the health in your body, if you’re experiencing challenges, find what is working on your body and be thankful for that.

4. Trust your feelings.  Go with what feels the best vs. becoming consumed with or afraid of your thoughts.  You are aware of the law of gravity and it is working always, but you don’t need to think about it, you just understand that the evidence of it is that you are not floating in the air.  The evidence of positive thinking is health, joy, peace, serenity.  If you have that, you can relax, if you lack that, recognize it and bring your thoughts back to what is whole, perfect and complete.  

5. Use the power of joined minds-.  Have the support of someone who believes in you, in the natural process of birth and who is focused on holding  you mentally, in a context of being whole, perfect and complete, meaning healthy, happy and naturally at peace, like a conscious Doula.  Lastly, intentionally select your birth attendants (doctors/midwives) based on how their mentality lines up with what you want ideally.  If you find that there is resistance to the ideal birth you picture, look within and see how they are showing you your own resistance and fear thoughts, and then do whatever feels right to you, either watching them shift into more supportive aids or see how you will draw in new birth attendants, who line up with where you are now.  
~ Doula Sayida Peprah  

Video Clips on the Power of the Mind?

These are video clips which offer very good explanations, from scientists and doctors, about the power of the mind.  I am sharing these with you in hopes that it will both inform and empower you about the power of your mind, especially as you think about your pregnancy, birth to come and life in general (as well as those of your clients- for birth professionals). 

~ Doula Sayida Peprah

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