After 37 weeks, call 626-233-6548 or email (conscioussurrenderbrthing@gmail.com) after each prenatal appointment to update me on how you are doing. Call me any time you have questions or concerns. If you are in labor or think you might be in labor during the daytime, call me right away. If it’s the middle of the night, and you’re able to handle the contractions easily, then try to relax and preferably sleep through or between contractions. If you can fall asleep, even between contractions, that is the best thing to do! It will be your last opportunity to sleep for a long, long time. If the contractions require your attention and you’re unable to talk through them, please call me, day or night! I’d rather receive a “false alarm” than be called at the last minute. However, if your labor is manageable, I would prefer being allowed to sleep so that I will be fresh and ready for your birth.



CALL FIRST (626) 233-6548 cell. Leave a brief message (if no answer), then send a text message to the same number (if you can)

CALL SECOND (626) 789-3854 home.  


All moms:

I’ll join you at home when your labor begins to get intense and you feel you need some help. Usually this is when the contractions are about 5 minutes apart, a minute long, and very strong. Although I won’t check you, most women are about 2-3 cm dilated at that point. Your emotional state is more important to me than the frequency of the contractions. I will come when you feel you really need help. If I arrive at your home and you are still in early labor, I may go home or to my car to rest. You will want me to be well rested and fresh later on!


Moms birthing in the hospital:

If, for any reason, you go to the hospital before I have a chance to join you at home, I will meet you at the hospital. If your labor is being induced, I may stay with you until you are settled in and then go home or to my car until active labor contractions begin -- remember, if your labor is induced, it maybe 12 to 24 hours before you have contractions that are strong enough to require labor support.