Pregnancy & Birth Doula Support

(During Pregnancy, Birth & Immediate Post Partum)



Natural Birth Consultation

(90min Session)



(per 90 min session/free with Doula Package)

Birth Doula Services

*I do offer my services at greatly reduced rates for special circumstances. Examples of special circumstances: Pregnant women who are in financial hardship due to husbands or partners who are away during the time they are expected to give birth (deployed in military, in jail, long travel…), teen mothers, single mothers, “high risk” pregnancy...  If you feel that you are unable to pay full fees, but really need and want support please contact me, and we will discuss options.


Pregnancy & Birth Doula Support Includes:

  • Initial, plus 1 or more Prenatal meetings

  • Monthly Doula Connection via phone (Rapport Building, Natural Birthing Preparation Education, Information & Resources, which support your specific Pregnancy and Birth goals)

  • 24 Hour On Call Availability

  • Weekly Prayer/Visioning/Intention Setting during last month of pregnancy

  • Birth Plan Consultation

  • Doula's Presence & Support throughout entire birth until 1 hour after birth

  • Initial Breastfeeding Assistance

  • 1 Postpartum Visit (2nd free if requested)


Day of or Backup Doula Support Includes:

  • Day of requests only or Backup (No Prenatal or Postpartum visits)

  • Doula's Presence & Support throughout entire birth until 1 hour after birth

  • Initial Breastfeeding Assistance

      Natural Birth Consultation Includes:

      ·        90 Minutes Per Session

·       Introduction to the Conscious Surrender Birthing Approach

·        Processes to Cultivate the Optimum Consciousness for Natural Birthing

·       Relaxation Techniques for Pregnancy and Birth

·       Support in Developing A Conscious Birth Plan

·       Information on Naturopath Approaches to Common Pre-natal & Post-partum Concerns  

·       Referrals to Naturopath Professionals ex. Acupuncture (for induction, breech, body discomforts…), Chiropractic, Pre-natal Massage, Midwifery, Spiritual Healers, Life-Coaches, Spiritual Practitioners…

·        Availability via phone for follow up questions, thoughts

Doula Support During Your Birth Includes

Provide support in early labor, in the setting of your choosing (home, birth center, hospital, etc.)

Suggestions for activities or positions to help labor progress

Help to decide when to go to the hospital/birth center

Help with breathing and relaxation techniques

Massage and acupressure for relaxation

Suggest labor positions and comfort measures

Lots of encouragement and reassurance

Support for the woman's partner

Encourage nutrition and fluids in early labor (for both you and your partner)

Help for partner to be of best support to birthing mother

Help the environment be one in which the woman feels secure and confident    

Provide information or explanation of medical and birth options during labor

Work cooperatively with the health care team

Take pictures or videos if desired, on my digital or your camera(s)

Assist with establishing initial breastfeeding

Postpartum Visit

Admire the baby

Talk about breastfeeding progress, assist with problems and make referral for further lactation consultancy if needed

 Address non-medical questions the parents may have about their newborn

Debrief about birth experience

Celebrate the powerful, magnificent and miraculous experience of the birth you just completed